A Life with a Purpose

Lacy Young, Health Coach + Meditation Facilitator

When Lacy Young asked me to collaborate with her new Blog, my immediate response was ‘yes’. Then, a big question with its intrinsic response came to me: “what am I going to write about that has a relevance?” – about the most interesting aspect, the things we have in common.

A Strong Motivation. I have had the opportunity to collaborate with several of her inspiring projects, starting with LacyLike – Organic | Hand Made | 100% Natural Herbal Line, which has extended to the design and development of her websites. She represents the ideal client in my scope: meaningful projects, prolific collaboration through open communication, freedom of expression as an artist and complete trust on results.

A graphic identity is basically translating a concept into visuals; from mind to matter. A good identity should harmonize with what is inside shaping the form. There are other intangible factors involved in this psychological process of visual translation that are not easily expressed by words but do have equally importance on its sucess. The sucess depends on the ability to understand parallel realities.

A Creative Background. Both of my parents are architects, so I grew up surrounded by all sort of art, craft and design tools and equipment, which I was never told not to touch. I was naturally trained an artist and my reaction for computers at the beginning, was categorical: the new techs had began to change the whole artistic process, from conception to production and distribution at a very fast phase; and my initial rejection was against the mechanization of a traditionallly organic process.

At the University, while studying Graphic Design, I had to work on a final project for my multimedia class. I found an unexpected excitement in this new virtual world, as a powerful tool to optimize the artistic methodology and its techniques. While learning the software and getting used to the hardware, I clearly remember having a crucial thought: “I would like to do this for a living”. Soon later I began authoring webpages, dvd’s and cd-roms, becoming an eclectic designer-illustrator-developer. I envisioned working with other people around the world taking advantage of the internet, much before it became what it is today.

Heart Centered Career. Our profession is much more than chasing a paycheck. We constantly look for opportunities to synchronize our personal philosophy through what we put at the service of others, giving the whole process a profound meaning. We acknowledge the advantages and challenges of choosing to follow our dreams. A challenging path without a doubt, but full of rewards. From my part I am certain that one of the most significant retributions has been the addition of a Yoga practice into my life. A practice that extends beyond the limit of place in time. With appreciation for what we can offer to others is that we express our profession.

Yoga has given me the patience to understand that everything is in constant fluctuation, and that Systole and Diastole apply to our profession, our personal relationships and our economic income. I see the past as previous lives already, each of them giving an aspect to my personality and my overall view of the world. All the people I have met, and furthermore, collaborated with, have stayed more than metaphorically. Some of them have a page on my graphic design portfolio or a drawing on my sketchbook. They have all contributed to my evolution as a human being, not only as a designer. They have thought me through what they love.

Thanks Lacy, I have learn so much from you.

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