Benjamín Serrano: Religion, Sex and Authority

After a long -truncated- process of design, the first edition of the tribute book to Benjamín Serrano is finally printed!

Production: Centro Cultural Tijuana, Secretaría de Cultura, Fundación Benjamín Serrano
Reaserch & Curator: olgaMargarita dávila
Editors: Armando García Orso, olgaMargarita dávila
Design: Angeles Moreno

“The 20th century is considered, in the art world, as the avant-garde century, as the period of defying established canons, taking artistic risks. This creative search identifies Mexican artists on routes as diverse as the imagination itself can conquer. With this catalogue, we present a sample of Benjamín Serrano’s work, an artist who assumed the avant-garde as a spirit and foundation of life. In these pages are his paintings, keys for the development of the Baja Californian plastic, its sculptures and assemblies, surrealistic works that appeal to our intelligence as much as they do to the emotions. It is an artistic heritage that astonishes for its strength and quality, whose work we spread so that new generations get a closer look on the work of Benjamín Serrano, an artist who sowed futures.

The exhibition and the catalog that accompanies Transcendence and avant-garde from Tijuana, are part of the recognition and dissemination that the Secretariat of Culture gives, at the Tijuana Cultural Center, to Serrano, an artist that addresses our identity from the particularity that is the Northern border and that shows the influence of the avant-garde movement of the 20th century in Mexico. It is a complete work that traces the trajectory of Benjamín Serrano, a universe that represents one of the strongest art tendencies in Tijuana: A great Mexican artist who has achieved, thanks to his talent, his innovative spirit and the solidity of his work; a well-deserved recognition in the international context.”

– María Cristina García Cepeda, Secretary of Culture

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