A Font Design Inspired by Moog

I designed the font “Moogdula” in 2001, inspired by the legendary Moog analog synthesizer logo. The font features geometric forms with rounded terminals and distinctive features. Using the detail on the letter "g", I repurposed that tail on other letters, like the “j” and “y”; and customized a glyph for the arm on the letter “t”. I was so pleased with the result that I used the new font for my logotype “anaimation”. This logo has transcended time and held upon design trends very well. I haven't had the need to replace it or redesign it (yet!).

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A Documentary Film by Hans Fjellestad

In 2004, I contacted music composer and documentary filmmaker, Hans Fjellestad, after knowing that he was filming the documentary film Moog, a tribute to Dr. Robert Moog, pioneer of electronic music and inventor of the Moog synthesizer. I knew Hans from other collaborations as part of the the Nortec Collective and I was very excited to know that my freshly created font “Moogdula” could be part of this exciting project so I sent him the digital file so it could be used for the film's promotional materials.


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Then, one day... I randomly read a post at http://www.qbn.com/ from someone asking about the Moogula font. I answer to that request like this:

“Hello, I am Angeles Moreno. I just read this forum by chance. I did design a FONT called MOOGDULA and it was inspired on the classic MOOG logo. I took those 3 letters (M, O, G) to develop the rest of the letters, to my interpretation of the style, of course. I do not have any problems sharing these files to whomever wants to make use of them. The director of the MOOG documentary, Hans Fjellestad, is a friend of mine and I gave him the font to use in applications.”

Then I would invite them to contact me via email to get the font file. And that was it. After that, I have received hundreds of requests asking for the font, that I have always been sharing, as promised, under the invitation to "show me what you do with it". Most of them would and that's why I created this page.

If you download the font, and you would like to share your design, please get in contact with me.

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Music in its Heart

Cave In uses Moogdula for customized guitar


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