Amanda Collins

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  • Visual Identity
  • Branding
  • Web Design & Development


  • 2017


Web Design & Development for Amanda Collins, Inspirational Speaker, Self-Love Guide and Feng Shui Master. Amanda is the founder of the International Feng Shui School which offers in-person and on-line certification courses.


Executive Director | Amanda Collins
Project Manager | Amanda Collins
Photography | Celine O’Donnell Photography, Monique Feil Photography


Angeles is the best web designer in the world. She is brilliant with both the creative and technical. It is a joy to work with her and experience her magic. She understands the message you want to share in the world and translates that into a product. She is reliable, detail orientated and is of her word. I loved working with her on my site I getting to create another. She also designed my logo that I absolutely love! Angeles delivers a professional product that expresses just what you need to say in the world. I am so grateful to work with her and share her with everyone I know and love.
– Amanda Collins
Inspirational Speaker, Self-Love Guide and Feng Shui Master

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