Art San Diego 2010

Project details


  • Visual Identity
  • Editorial Design
  • Web Design & Development
  • Email Publicity


Visual Identity for Art San Diego 2010, the second edition of the first San Diego Art Fair, formerly “Beyond the Border Contemporary Art Fair”.


Executive Director, Co-Founder | Ann Berchtold
Managing Director, Co-Founder | Julie Schraeger
Event Photographer | Franz Krachtus


Angeles and I have now worked together for ten years on numerous projects. In 2009, Angeles first helped to design the web and brand identity for the first edition of the Art San Diego Contemporary Art Show. From website, to signage, sponsorship materials, exhibitor manuals, t-shirts, vip-tickets, etc – Angeles has the ability to create a very unique and unified design treatment across all marketing materials, and she has consistently created a new design approach for each year of the show. It is such a pleasure to work with someone like Angeles who understands my sensibility so that there is very little instruction ever needed. Angeles has the excellent ability to translate business concepts into relevant images. She delivers quick work with an amazing temperament (especially under-pressure).
– Ann Berchtold, Art San Diego Founder

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