Tú Decides

Project details


IFE, Federal Electoral Institute


  • Visual Identity
  • Web Design & Development


Web Design & Development for the National Electoral Institute (formerly Federal Electoral Institute). Designed for young audiences, its goal is to foster intelligent decision-making and express ideas about the Country the Mexican Children want.


Executive Director | Patricia Arriaga
Executive Producer | Bárbara Mancilla
Content | Mariana Cano
Graphic Design | Alejandra Portilla, Mariana Castillo
Dynamic Programming | Alejandro Ramírez


I met Angeles twenty years ago as Head of Design for Children’s Programs at Mexico’s public television. I discovered a highly creative and innovative young designer who stood out for her vision, dedication and high quality of her work. Over the years we’ve continued to collaborate on many projects at many levels: I can’t think of anybody else when I want the best. She always brings a highly creative and innovative angle and it’s always a pleasure to work with her. I have nothing but praise for Angeles and recommend her highly when talent, vision and quality are at stake.

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