Exhibition Design


Cardinal 5

This public space intervention unfolds in three segments: “Connective Canvas” (public participation), “Cardinal Textile” (object work) and “Waiting Time” (interaction with data in real time via the Internet).


Strange New World

Web Design & Development for “Strange New World”, an itinerant exhibition featuring 41 artists from Baja California; exploring the art and design in a city that is consistently transformed by issues of globalization, migration and identity.


Kültur Büro Barcelona

Web Design & Development for KBB | Kültur Büro Barcelona, a creative center and gallery for Contemporary Art and experimentation.

¿Será Melón, Será Sandía?

Visual Identity for “¿Será Melón, Será Sandía?”, an Art Exhibition about Mexican Contemporary Art at the KBB | Kültur Büro Barcelona in Catalonia, Spain.

Tijuana, La Tercera Nación

Artwork for Collective Exhibition consistent of 2.5 km of urban installations on the Tijuana, Mexico – San Diego, USA border wall and river canalization zone. Also exhibited in Spain at ARCO Madrid 2005, with Mexico as guest of honour at the renown International Contemporary Art Fair.

¡Ábranla que Lleva Bala!

Poster Design for “¡Ábranla que Lleva Bala!”, an Itinerant Exhibition consisting of the best 32 pieces submitted to the contest of Mexican Graphic Designers, with the theme “The Future of Mexican Design”.

Nortec Audio-Visual Collective in Barcelona

Curatorship and Production of “Nortec Audio-Visual Collective”, a multimedia Art Exhibit with Talks and Live Music Events; and part of the collateral Exhibition “Gráfica Reactiva” in celebration of the Year of Design in Barcelona.

Barcelona Savagely Bombed

Award winning Web Design & Development about the Spanish Civil War, an online historical documentation.


Snail, Music from Math

Multimedia Design & Development for “Snail, Music from Math”, an experimental digital project representing the Fibonacci Numbers Sequence through color and music. Exhibited virtually at the Terra Online Gallery.